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Oxford sports complex could start construction in June [LINK/Lead]

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Oxford sports complex could start construction in June

by Patrick McCreless Jun 01, 2011 | 1190 views | 0  | 3  |  | 
Within two weeks, more than a year’s worth of construction delays and thousands of dollars in contract violation fees for Oxford’s multi-million dollar sports complex project could come to an end.

During a special called meeting Tuesday, the Oxford City Council passed a resolution approving a mitigation plan needed to restart the project at the historic Davis Farm across from the Oxford Exchange –- halted after ancient American Indian remains were found there.

Oxford hired engineering firm Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood late last year to negotiate the mitigation plan with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Alabama Historical Commission and the Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma, who had the closest cultural affiliation to the site.

Jim Noles, attorney with Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, said after the meeting that Oxford would likely be able to start construction again on the project within two weeks.

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Does something seem odd about this project getting the “go-ahead”, to you?

— Cathy


4 Responses to "Oxford sports complex could start construction in June [LINK/Lead]"

are they going to let native american’s preserve anything?? why cant they just find another spot for their business? just another way for them to be pushy….

Osiyo (Hello),
I hope I am posting this in the right place since this is my first time to this site.

To our traditional Indigenous American people, the true people of this country, it is our belief that if even a morsel of bone is disturbed from any of our ancestral burial sites, the spirit of that ancestor will never rest. This, I am sure, is the belief of all our tribal Indigenous Americans. These are very sacred places to us and there is no respect for the religious freedoms of our people, but there seems to be for everyone else. This is wrong, especially since our beliefs are the true beliefs of this country. all other beliefs were brought here and forced on us by migrants to our land. If we were to go to a Non-Native cemetary to dig up their graves, we would be arrested before our shovels even pierced the ground. Yet our graves and burial sites are dug up and robbed even to this day, our skeletal remains are placed in museums all around the country and we are dug up to be studied. This is wrong. We are still being treated as non-human beings.

To add insult to injury, our people helped the migrants here to survive, for that is our way of being human beings, and showed them how to survive on their own. For thanks, the repayment was the steeling of our land, genocide, which still continues today, ethnic cleansing, the forcing of our people to live in worse conditions of any third-world country, especially in concentration camps your people like to call reservations, we are still the only race, in our own country, that has to prove who we are by YOUR government standards, our religious freedoms are not respected nor are our traditional values and human rights. Yet this government preaches human rights to the rest of the world when it isn’t practiced here in our own country. Even the schools still teach the out dated and dis-proven history of our people in today’s school. It is all lies. The rest of the world knows our history, knows our leaders and also knows the continuing treatment of this countries true Indigenous people. It is only within our country that the ignorance is rampant do to poor education and the lies the government has told through out history, by lying about the events of history, so they don’t ever have to be held accountable to our people. Well, the rest of the world already knows.

We want respect for our deceased, our people, our cultural values and our identity. The same as everyone else does. All these laws and freedoms I fought for, as a Viet Nam veteran, seem to be the biggest hypocracy known to our people, not to mention the shame and dishonor of this country.

Leave our sacred burial sites alone, do not disturb them in any way. Build somewhere else. They are more places to have your so-called progress.

Sgi (Thank you)

There’s a lot of support for this cause….don’t give up…..just make sure the response is directed to those responsible for all this mess and make things right. Leonard.

Sgi, Edutsi, I appreciate the advice.


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